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25 August 2019
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Kargosha's successful experience in launching a comprehensive construction industry system and having a significant design and production and production capacity in Iran prompted the company to launch a comprehensive knowledge base in Iraq in the wake of the massive rebuilding in Iraq. Arabic and Kurdish. The result of this project is a product called Sinbad.

The Integrated Building Industry System is a web-based platform designed to provide all services related to the construction industry online. There are currently 17 different services available on Kargosha's Persian platform serving customers. Two main services have been launched in Sindbad, namely an online directory for designing real and legal entities designing, implementing and supplying materials and equipment for specific brand development projects.

In the next phases of the project, the directory of Iraqi construction industry activists will be added to the platform.

With the aim of making Sindbad more efficient, the company will soon launch an online support, call center and support system with experts in Persian and Arabic / Kurdish to help them reach their selling point. Support.

It is noteworthy that Kargosh Future Futures Researchers, as the owner of the Sinbad brand, has entered into a cooperation agreement with the Iran-Iraq Joint Chamber of Commerce to use the Chamber's information and communications to introduce and develop the platform.


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