25 January 2021
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How to join the Sindbad system

Membership in the Sindbad site and use of the basic features of this site is free. If you want to use the more advanced options of the site, you must upgrade your profile to one of the "normal", "special" and "golden" options. (Features related to each of the options are listed in the Sinbad Services section at the bottom of the site's home page.)

To subscribe to the Sinbad system, go to and do the following:

You can enter your user panel through the menu at the top left of the site and click on the login / registration option. If you have not already registered on the site, you must register on the site. To do this, enter the registration option and fill out the form below to create your user panel. Registration on the Sinbad site is done using a mobile number, and in fact your mobile number will be your username.

You can also use your user ID on the Google site to join and log in to your user panel. (As shown below)

After registering and creating a user panel, a page called "My Profile" will be displayed for you to enter your complete business information.

After reading, your profile will be approved by Sindbad support experts and will be posted on the site.

It should be noted that before registering the products, it is necessary to enter information in the "My Profile" section

To register your products, go to the "My Products" section and you can register your products by clicking on the Add Product option.

After reading, your products will be approved by Sinbad support experts and placed on the site.


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