Implementing a project using existing resources, such as raw materials, human resources and technology, as well as locating it, can be achieved when the basic concepts of the market are met as part of a very careful study process at the right time; Because one of the most important concerns of investors is the sale of goods or services offered.

Urban Studies

Urban studies with simple literature explain specialized concepts for the reader that can be used to assess urban planning policy making to some extent.

Feasibility studies

When you have a project in hand and you want to make sure it is feasible, feasibility studies will give you this insight into the value of tracking and building your project.

Economic Studies

In the case of a new project, the following parameters can be judged using the Economic Studies section:


  •  Financing the project in terms of its capital structure, debt-to-equity ratio and investor's total share of total cost
  •  Investment by an agent in any other business
  •  Cash flow and projected profitability