We have always been committed to design, modern and sustainable. To create a lasting plan, you have to come up with a new idea to turn a project into a work.

Existing facilities should ensure that a work is executed while the feasibility results are well realized.

Structural Design

If the design of a steel or concrete skeleton building is done according to the rules of the code, there is no particular difference in their sustainability against gravity and lateral forces, both of which are considered safe structures. For this reason, it may be argued that executive and economic criteria are the most decisive factors in choosing the steel or concrete structure of a project.

Architectural Design

Architectural design is essentially the creative use of mass, space, texture, light, shadows, materials, applications and planning elements such as cost, construction and technology in order to achieve aesthetic, functional and often artistic goals. This definition distinguishes architecture from engineering design, which is the creative use of materials and forms by applying mathematics and scientific rules.

Design of electrical installations

Design of electrical installations consists of many parts, for example lighting system design, lightning protection system, panel design, riser design, wells, etc. The most basic parts of building electrical design are.

One of the key features seen in the electrical installation design team is the design team's execution experience, which helps to ensure that the project presented does not encounter any problems during implementation or that the project team has common problems such as: lack of coordination In razors, lack of proper trays, etc. Not to mention, this is a testament to the high experience and expertise of the design team.

Design of mechanical installations

The design of the mechanical installations of the building is considered to be one of the critical elements of the building so that if the system is not properly designed or defective, a disturbance to the members of the building will be disturbed, thus Calculating and selecting the right installation system requires the expertise of experts in the field. In addition to the knowledge of the design engineers, the design of the client and the occupants of the building, as well as how the building is weathered, it is also important.

Intelligent design

What is the concept of smart building? Imagine a smart home, it may be difficult to imagine how beautiful the keys and touch locks on the walls will give your home environment. Electric curtains, steel and crystal keys, ceiling-mounted speakers are all designed to experience the smart home and multiply the beauty of your home environment.