Construction of building projects in different stages needs different researches and materials. Every individual step has its own importance. Performance stage can be considered as the most crucial stages in one building project.

Sinbad has collected the worthwhile and seminal experiences of performers in field of building projects and handed them to its audiences by implementation of innovative procedures widely. By using these information, construction expenses will be decreased and speed of performance will be increased.

Destruction and equipment

Destruction is an activity based on the clearance and removing a building, when an apartment reaches the end of its useful age or a similar building with the same functionality is going to be replaced with.

Equipment of a workshop is defined as applying operation, all the applications and initiative activities that take place for the whole period of project and last until the end of exploitation.

Excavation and stabilization

Excavating soil from the surface and the depth ground to the distinguished depth is call excavation.

In deep and semi-deep excavations, in order to save the life of people and protect their properties from any perilous incidents from excavation loss, temporary structures for controlling or stabilizing the soil will be exerted.


Saving energy is one of the important issues in using building and insulation plays an important role in reaching this aim. Except wasting energy, other targets will be shoot in insulation. Such as: decrease of noise pollution that specifically in over populated cities or near high ways plays an important role in providing peace for residents.


Foundation is a part of a building that has the role of transferring forces from columns to ground and the surrounded soils. Type and dimensions of pedestal can be selected based on the kind of the building and amount of forces, building weigh, kind of ground soil, and regional climate.

Retaining wall

This wwall is used for keeping a structure and be retaining for stabilizing another stricter or prevention of falling or controlling the hill's soil or other natural problems across roads or beaches near to sea and unnatural skirts and in general everywhere that needs protection and retaining. 

These walls can be used in places that requires high need of landscape to be formed or specific aims such as agriculture in mountain's skirts. These walls can be designed as weigh, one-piece, or strap back.


Everyone knows the structure of each building by the name of skeleton. The most important part that require the proficiency, accuracy and sense of responsibility of an engineer to give the sense of safety to his residents in case of earthquake and other natural disasters.

Building structures are usually the group of members that have the duty of transferring forces to ground and absorber of ideal energy and getting the sense of trust among humanity.


Ceiling is one the important part of building that will be performed in many different ways. This part of building should be constructed powerfully applied forces in order not to be destroyed. Many approaches will be applied by engineers and constructors in this part.


This stage is called to an operation in which all the separating elements of space such as: ceiling, half floors, walls, by the consideration of all openings and entrances along with exerting protective frames. 

Mechanical installation

Mechanical installation belongs to the very fundamental needs of every building. In another word, mechanical installation sets the vital parts of each building.

These systems provide the thermal, visual, hearing conditions that are necessary for the peace and welfare of residents. In another word, mechanical installation means, ideal usage of all facilities of installation organizations, mechanical engineering, electricity, civil engineering, architecture for establishing heating and cooling system, gas, water, electricity, waste water discharge, indicators, telephones, connection between inside and outside of the building, transportation among floors and an ideal condition based on the up to date standards.

Electrical installation

Electrical installations have a special place in civil engineering, as long as electrical installations are eliminated from construction projects, they cannot be exploited and the mechanical installations of buildings are entirely dependent on electrical installations.

The building's electrical installations make it possible to use all electrical appliances for comfort and convenience. Providing light and bright night life is another achievement of electrical installations for buildings. It is imperative for manufacturers to comply with the principles of safety in running electrical installations.


The final coating that sits on the underside of the building and the coating that is placed inside the building against the viewer's eye is called joinery. Joinery materials are the latest materials to cover floors, walls and ceilings.

Joinery includes all executive operations except hardening and includes plastering, insulation, stone work, tiling, painting, electrification, installations, door and window installation.


A professional machine shop is a machine shop that operates optimally in accordance with design calculations and is executed at the least cost. In a professional machine shop all equipment has a maximum working life and all equipment, valves and markers are available.

Providing site installation maps prior to the operation of the facility allows accurate estimation of the pipes and fittings, valves, location of the equipment of the facility, location of clashes and anticipation of alternate routes for them. This method improves the time and finances of the greenhouse operation.

Building facade

Building facades Usually in the style of classical and modern facades and using various materials such as brick, light facade (monolith, colored cement, white cement, washed cement ...), wood (Therwood), stone (travertine, granite, antique) Glass, marble, aluminum composite sheets, etc. are executed.

One of the most important building items is the design and implementation of building facades that architect and engineers are always faced with. But building design or building facade design is directly related to the type of material properties used for the exterior of the building. So having a variety of designs for a building facade can be one of the benefits of that coating.


Many people today realize the importance of a beautiful space that can bring them peace, so fans of interior design and landscaping are increasing day by day.

Some people may have the idea that the cost of designing and executing the site may not be reasonable, but the reality is that people are forced to spend it because of lifestyle changes and moving away from the natural environment. .

In order to landscaping and executing it, you must have the help of skilled professionals because these people can create the beautiful environment that you expect.