Technical Services

Technical Services

Sinbad has designed a detailed planning to enter the target markets by examining and identifying the potential of Iranian companies in the construction industry.

Sindbad also provides technical and engineering services consisting of a variety of studies, design, implementation, consulting and oversight, with extensive knowledge and communication with target markets and with a qualified and expert staff to review the target markets. The building is on the agenda.


Implementing a project using existing resources, such as raw materials needed, human resources and technology, as well as locating it, can be achieved when the basic concepts of the market as a part of the study process are meticulously timed; Because one of the most important concerns of investors is the sale of goods or services offered.

Legal Affairs

Legal affairs specialize exclusively in the peaceful resolution of disputes for the role of the creators of different areas of the construction industry. However, arbitration is the most well-known non-judicial dispute resolution mechanism in the country.

Arbitration agencies, based on multilevel dispute resolution, have used non-binding mechanisms such as negotiation, conciliation and semi-binding mediation such as dispute resolution and dispute expert panel, and for the first time in the country, To capacity building in these areas as well as the practical use of the methods mentioned.


We have always been committed to design, modern and sustainable. To create a lasting plan, you have to come up with a new idea to turn a project into a work.

Existing facilities should ensure that a work is executed while delivering feasibility results.


Construction projects at different stages are incompatible with research, materials, and methods. Each of these steps in turn is of particular importance.

The implementation phase can be considered as one of the most important stages of a construction project.