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Arka Nozha

Arka Memar Company is one of the consulting engineers of Noja, one of the interior decoration design companies in Tehran, which was built in 2014 by Saeed Goodarzi in order to work in Specialized in designing and implementing home decoration, Iranian home interior design, kitchen interior decoration, office interior design and shop interior decoration was established. The upgrade and development of Noja interior decoration design company has continued with the efforts and perseverance of creative and experienced architects and is currently implementing many projects in the field of interior design. The company's priority in projects is to use creativity and efficient designs to provide satisfaction to employers and on the other hand to take a positive step to improve the quality of today's spaces. In this regard, cultivating creative and professional forces has been one of the characteristics of Noja interior design company in its years of activity.


Iran، Tehran

Ista Ashian Sadra

Ista Ashian Sadra Engineering Company, with respect to all colleagues and competitors, is proud to put transparency in the field of construction, installation and reconstruction of houses, which is witnessed by many lesser-known practitioners in the field. Building and renovating a residential home. Hoping for tomorrows even more beautiful and brighter than today; We are with you. What helps us in Sadra Engineers Group in building, installation and renovation is the satisfaction of our companions, this is undoubtedly the highest strength of our resume that we are proud of and never to enter a new construction job, or renovate a house. We will not worry about presenting resumes and introducing our previous works in various fields of development.


Iran، Tehran